Winco Plastics mission is very straightforward. Our main objective is to always be conservative, consistent, and persistent in our plastic recycling business endeavors. Winco Plastics takes pride in these virtues and are what we have built our company around.


"Sustainability: the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance" (definition from dictionary.com). Winco, as a plastic recycling company is sustainable by helping support long-term ecological balance by saving; landfill space, energy usage, carbon dioxide emissions, oil consumption, the environment, clean water, and energy.

History, Location, and Routing

Winco Trading Company started as a small plastic recycling broker and exporter back in 2002, doing business out of the owner’s own home. Since then, Winco Trading Company, currently doing business as (D.B.A.) Winco Plastics, has gradually grown into larger spaces, and is now located about 40 miles west of Chicago in North Aurora, IL, in our 57,000 sq ft warehouse (quick inventory turnover). We currently are a full service plastics recycler who buys commodity and engineering plastics, then either sells or toll grinds the material, before selling it to our customers. Our newest goal, which we are currently striving for, is to grow our domestic business up to between 75-95%. Because of our large toll grinding equipment, we have been able to increase the volume of plastic recycling by producing regrind materials, and selling higher weight per trailer or container, resulting in better efficiency in everything we do. We also are now buying and selling plastic resin, mostly wide spec or off grade pellets.

Market and Relationships

Winco Plastics stands out from the rest for the fact that we are both strong in domestic volume, as well as international. Also, Winco Plastics will offer plant visits at your location(s), depending on volume, in order to improve sustainability for your facility(s). Over the several years that Winco Plastics has been in business, we have earned an outstanding reputation due to our focus on sharing knowledge, buying, selling, and processing all of the various types of plastics. This has resulted in the building of long term relationships with our clients.

Purchase Team, Sales Team, and Plastics Market

The purchasing and selling teams work closely with our suppliers and customers in order to make sure that the plastic recycling materials we purchase and sell are of the highest quality. Our teams have a combined experience of over 30 years in the Plastics Industry, including both domestic and international business. Having this skill set is what enables Winco Plastics to take on combination loads, pay top prices, sell for lower prices, and handle all shipments in a timely manner.

Plastic Recyclers Toll Grinding

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