Plastic Resin 

Winco Plastics is a buyer and supplier of plastic resins. If there is plastic resin material that you need, do not hesitate to contact us. Winco is currently looking for engineering plastic resins however, will purchase others if the price is right. We buy mixed loads by purchasing packaged resins, which are separated by material type, as well as contaminated resins, such as wide spec, floor sweeps, powder, and pellets. We can ship this plastic resin to any location, as Winco Plastics has rail track switch gear to our warehouse, as well as experience loading and unloading bulk trucks and dry vans.

Winco Plastics wants to buy your HD pipe, any thickness, any length, any size.

Plastic Recycling Materials (we buy and sell)

Plastic recycling is a large part of what Winco Plastics does. Our purchasing and selling teams work closely with you in order to make sure that the plastic recycling materials we purchase, and sell are of the highest quality. We buy, sell, and processes the following post industrial commodity and engineering plastics, turning inventory very rapidly in this fast paced environment.


  • ABS - injection or extrusion, all grades, any color and form.
  • Acrylic -buy or sell injection or extrusion, all grades any color or form.
  • Floor sweeps, wide spec resin.
  • HD -injection or extrusion grades.
  • HDPE pipe -HMW, HDPE, MDPE piping scrap.
  • K-Resin -looking for HIPS, GPPS, K-Resin any color injection or extrusion grades.
  • Kraton -any color any form.
  • LDPE -injection grade, extrusion grade, any color.
  • LLDPE -injection grade, extrusion grade any color.
  • Nylon 6 -glass filled and non-glass filled accepted in any color, any form.
  • Nylon 66 -glass filled and non-glass filled accepted in any color, any form.
  • Obsolite Inventory -all plastics in any color or form.
  • PC - injection or extrusion, any color, any form, masking or no-masking, coated or non coated.
  • PCCD -metalized and non -metalized, CD and GPPS case.
  • PC/ABS -injection and extrusion grade, any color.
  • PEEK -injection and extrusion grade, any color or form.
  • Pellets -wide spec resin.
  • PET -all grades, injection or extrusion, no label, no coatings, strapping, chopped, preforms, and purge.
  • Plastic Resin and Pellets (wide spec or off grade)
  • PP -Injection or extrusion any color or form.
  • PS (GPPS)
  • PVC
  • Regrind (HDPE and Other)
  • Resin - wide spec
  • SAN - purge and parts
  • Other -There are more materials we purchase based on buyer approval.