Toll Grinding

Winco Plastics offers toll grinding services from our 57,000 sq. ft. warehouse and can grind any form, size, or thickness. We can handle any size purge. Our Lindner shredder's conveyor is 6 ft. wide with a throat size of 6 ft.x 4 ft. The Tria granulator grinding machine has many screen sizes available, and comes equipped with state of the art safety and metal detection systems.

Toll Grinding Price

Our plastic recycling toll grinding price is $0.12 - $0.14 per lb., (depending on material) price is negotiable and our customer pays the freight for both delivery and pick up.

Toll Grinding Equipment

  • LINDNER Micromat Plus 2500 (2016)
  • TRIA SpA XT 150-80 (2016)

Micromat shedder and Tria grinder

Micromat Plus shredder

Tria grinder

Metal detection system for Toll Grinding

Tria Toll Grinding


Pneumatic cyclone

Toll Grinding

Air compressor

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